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  There are three types of data here: city-specific data, city characteristics data, and metadata. The city-specific data consists of daily time-series of pollution and meteorological data. Each city's data is stored in a separate compressed comma delimited (UNIX) text file. You can see descriptive statistics for a small number of variables available for each city here and can download the data below.

Along with the city-specific data you can also download city characteristics data. This is a collection of tables giving information about each city, such as, their latitude and longitude, census demographics, how cities are defined in terms of couties etc. Such data becomes increasingly important as you move from analyzing one city to analyzing the whole collection of cities.

Finally you can download the metadata. This includes "data about the data", such as a list of all the tables included in NMMAPS, a list of all the variables, labels for variables, and labels for variable values.

The documentation page gives a better idea of what the data look like.

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