Software for computing lag and distributed lag models

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  Here are the modeling functions for producing an NMMAPS like single city analysis. The functions are S-PLUS code and were run under Sun Solaris 5.8 using S-PLUS 3.4 and 6.1. Data is assumed to be in the canonical form given in the iHAPSS Data section.

The main function is DLmodel found in support.s. Given the appropriate data this function will estimate either a distributed lag model or single-pollutant model. The file basic.s contains an example where an estimate for a single pollutant is obtained for Chicago. See the references at the top of basic.s for details of the NMMAPS model.

OzoneDL.s contains code for running a constrained distributed lag model for summer data in 95 U.S. cities. The distributed lag example given here was used in estimating summer ozone effects for the paper "Ozone and mortality in 95 U.S. cities, 1987-2000". See the reference at the top of OzoneDL.s for details.

2002-2005, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Of Public Health.
Last updated: 2005-03-20